At Helensville Show we take sustainability seriously. Here is a range of ways we are doing that:


  Zero Waste

Zero waste at Helensville ShowAs a Zero Waste event, we aim to divert as much of the rubbish generated at the Show away from landfill as possible. Watch out for our Zero Waste stations around the grounds (like the one in the photo), provided by local legends Helensville Zero Waste and this year manned by volunteers from Kaipara College.


Our trade and food stands are onboard by using compostable or recyclable plates, cutlery and other materials, and taking home any landfill and avoiding plastics. That means you might not see the likes of balloons at the Show, and your planet thanks you for that.


It would be great if you could bring along your own water bottles, which you can refill at one of the free refill stations on the grounds. Save the planet and your pocket!


Helensville Show is a zero waste eventHelensville Show is also a Smokefree event, so there are no cigarettes or vaping allowed on the grounds please.

THANK YOU for working with us in our quest to be Zero Waste and Smokefree.