As a working farm, dogs are not allowed on the Helensville Showgrounds throughout the year, except for accessibility dogs.

The only dogs allowed at our annual Helensville Show are:

  • Dogs competing in the Butch Family Dog Show
  • Dogs entered in the Dog Trials or other organised demonstrations
  • Dogs taking part in the Tu Meke Friend Helensville Show Terrier Race
  • Accessibility/service dogs or official entertainment dogs

If you are not entering the Pet Dog Show or Terrier Race, please leave your pooch at home. NO dogs are to be left in cars in the carpark.

If your dog is eligible to come to the Show, there are a few rules to take into account:

  • No bitches on heat
  • Don’t bring a dog if it has been in contact with or had an infectious illness within six weeks prior to the Show.
  • You must pick up and dispose of all your doggie poop in the rubbish.
  • All dogs must be wearing their council registration tags.

New for 2024 – the Tu Meke Friend Helensville Show Terrier Race!

The inaugural Helensville Show Terrier Race will be held at our 2024 Show on Saturday, February 24.

Open only to Jack Russells and Fox Terriers, the race is a fun event for these wily and inquisitive dogs. Based on a popular race held inHelensville Show Terrier Race recent years at the Wanaka A&P Show, it’s sure to be a chaotic crowd pleaser, with terriers racing off in all directions – hopefully some in the direction of the finish line.

This isn’t planned as a serious race, but rather a fun, casual event. Registrations will be open on the day – there’s a $5 entry fee – and there will be ribbons and product prizes from Tu Meke Friend awarded – along, of course, with honour and glory for the fastest three dogs. There will also be prizes in fun categories, like Most Chilled (laziest dog), the Wanderer (most off-course), and the Wackiest.

The terrier’s owners will hold them until the race start and they will then chase a drag (behind a quad) for approximately 100m.

Butch Family Dog Show

Owners of other breeds of dogs don’t need to miss out though. While they can’t enter the Terrier Race, entering our regular Butch Family Dog Show is a fun way to participate in the Helensville Show while having fun with your pooch – and maybe winning some prizes.