Helensville Pony Club

Helensville Pony Club meets at the Helensville Showgrounds on Wednesday evenings, from 5pm during the summer (roughly November to April).Helensville Pony Club at Helensville Showgrounds

They also have an Adult ride on Thursday evenings, from 5pm.

The Pony Club organises at least two Ribbon Days every season and usually another event or two.

To join or find out more about what Pony Club offers, email them on Helensvillepony@gmail.com or follow them on www.facebook.com/groups/helensvilleponyclub

If you are a Helensville Showgrounds riding keyholder, you may pay Helensville Pony Club to use their jumps and arenas when they are set up. This is done directly with the Pony Club.

The rules around use of the Pony Club equipment are as follows:-

Helensville Showgrounds Key holder & Helensville Pony Club – Offer and Conditions for Gear Use

  1. This offer is only available to current Helensville Showground key holders and will cost $60.00 for the pony club season (season ends April 24). Payable to the Pony Club Account: 12-3139-0031083-01, and referenced “KH [contact name]”
  2. To register and pay please complete the online form here: https://forms.gle/vXniSKmRcDbQqJuP8. You are required to provide your vehicle registration number – this will be added to the list of registered equipment users on receipt of your payment. The list will be displayed around the showgrounds to ensure that only registered equipment users are using the equipment.
  3. The equipment available to use will be that which is currently set up for use by pony club members on pony club grounds.  Equipment in storage beside or in the Pony Club Room or Shed or in the car park area is not to be moved by anyone other than current Helensville Pony Club Members.
  4. Equipment availability:
    The equipment will not be available on Wednesday evenings due to Pony Club rallies which run from 5pm onwards. On a Thursday evening there will be limited availability to equipment while the Adult Ride is running from 5pm onwards, however some equipment may be available. Please check with David Collett, our instructor, which equipment is available. The equipment will not be available during any of the Helensville Pony Club Show dates advertised on our Facebook page from time to time; you are more than welcome to enter any of the competitions held by Helensville Pony Club. We cannot guarantee that equipment will be available at all times during the pony club season due to event preparation, ground maintenance programs, or when weather conditions make the surface un-rideable.
  5. It is not possible to book the equipment for sole use, but there should be sufficient equipment and space to accommodate all.
  6. In the event any of the equipment getting broken, please let us know by emailing: Helensvillepony@gmail.com.
  7. Correct safety gear to be worn at all times when using the equipment including riding helmet and suitable footwear. Back protectors are required at all times when jumping any XC jumps.
  8. The use of the equipment is undertaken at your own risk.