Helensville A&P Show Programme

Helensville Show Programme

Here’s the list of attractions and activities that featured at the 2017 Helensville A&P Show, plus the programme of events.

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2017 Entertainment, Attractions and Activities

Many of our popular regular entertainers and attractions – and of course animals – returned for our last show in 2017, along with a number of new ones.

 Information for the 2019 Helensville A&P Show will be on this page as soon as it’s available.


  • Equestrian Section – Vets North Hack & Small Hack Section; Barfoot & Thompson Saddle Hunter & Show Riding Horse Section; Farmlands Helensville Hunter Section; Leading Rein & 1st Ridden Ponies; Helensville Drainage Ponies Section; Platinum Homes Rodney Led Pony Section; Welsh Pony & Cob Section; Harcourts Tanden Realty West Miniature Horse Section; Sport Horse Section, Standardbred Horse Section; Pinto Horse Section; Gypsy Cob Section.
  • Livestock Section (behind main building under the trees) – Vets North All Breeds Dairy Cattle; Wilson Hellaby All Breeds Beef Cattle; Stanley Phillips Fencing Sheep Section; Fonterra Grass Roots Youth Dairy & Beef Section; Dairy Goat Section; MoreFM 88.9 Calf Club Section; B J Wilson Builders Ltd Pet Lamb Section.
  • Plus – UHY Haines Norton Guess the Weight Competition; Dayle ITM Woodchopping; Butch Pet Foods Family Dogs; plus displays of spinning, butter making, cows and goats being milked.

Main Stage, Exhibit Hall and Around the Grounds

  • Live music with The Groove Diggers and Tweed
  • Helensville A&P Experience
  • Farmers’ Market Marquee
  • Tractor display – past and present
  • Junior Farmer competition
  • Maypole dancers
  • Butter making demonstration
  • Carmel’s Face Painting
  • Spinning demonstration
  • Cyldesdale carriage and pony rides
  • Photography Section
  • Helensville News Original Writing Section
  • Oikoumene Forest Garden Produce Section
  • Carlton Party Hire Horticultural Section
  • All Things Patchwork Craft & Needlework Section
  • Painting Section
  • Drawing, Printing & Sculpture Section
  • Preserves Section
  • Neville Brothers Ltd Baking Section
  • Children’s Section
  • Helensville & District Historical Society display
  • A&P Kids’ Colouring Tent

Hospitality Area (beside main hall and Dayle ITM woodchopping area)

  • Food and wine from around our region
  • Licensed Bar
  • Covered seating area outside main hall

Dayle ITM Woodchopping Area (to hillside and race track)

  • Dayle ITM Woodchopping with the North Harbour Axemen

Carnival Area

The Cookie Bear Roadshow including:

  • Large Cookie Castle
  • Large Edge slide
  • Skate board slide
  • Pirate Ship
  • Laughing Clowns
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Vertical Bungee
  • Boot Camp (Obstacle Course)
  • Mini Jeeps and Hot Rods
  • Water Walker Zorbs

Trade Area

  Click here for a list of our 2017 Trade Exhibitors

  • Over 150 trade sites & market stalls
  • Delicious and diverse food and drinks
  • Farmers’ Market Marquee
  • Community Groups area
  • Dog agility
  • Young Farmer Competition
  • John Rew Puppeteer
  • Billy Black Country Show
  • Butch Pet Foods Family Dog competition
  • Highland Dancing
  • Old McDonalds Travelling Farmyard – pet and feed the animals
  • Helensville Pony Club pony rides
  • Clydesdale cart rides

1/2 round barn

  • River Valley Amateur Winemakers & Brewers Guild competition
  • Poultry display

Eftpos cash out facilities available at the Show Office

2017 Programme

8.30am Equestrian Section:
– Vets North Hack & Park Hack Section
– Barfoot & Thompson Saddle Hunter & Show Riding Horse section
– Helensville Drainage Pony Section
Carnival Area Opens

Equestrian Section:
– Pinto Horse Section
– Harcourts Tandem Realty West Miniature Horse Section

Indoor Exhibit Hall opens

Livestock Section:
– MoreFM 88.9 School Calf Club followed by
– Fonterra Grass Roots Youth Dairy & Beef Section followed by
– Malcolm Hutchings Northern District RAS Young Handler Competition

Main Stage:
– Tweed

Livestock Section:
– Vets North All Breeds Dairy Cattle Section
– Wilson Hellaby All Breeds Beef Cattle Section
– Stanley Phillips Fencing Sheep Section
– Dairy Goat Section
– Butch Pet Foods Family Pet Dog Section – Entries open

UHY Haines Norton Guess the Weight Competition opens (closes 1.30pm)

Mike Pero Welsh Pony & Cob Section
B J Wilson Builders Limited Pet Lamb Section
Dayle ITM Woodchopping
HIghland Dancing starts

Butch Pet Foods Family Pet Dog Section

Presentaton of Royal Agricultural Society and Helensville A&P Association awards

Billy Black – main stage
Norwest Dog Training Club – Agility display, trade area arena

Equestrian Section:
– Farmlands Helensville Hunter Section
– Leading Rein & 1st Ridden Ponies Section
– Platinum Homes Led Pony Section
– Sport Horse Section
– Standardbred Horse Section
– Gypsy Cob Section

Junior Farmer Competition practicals start – trade area

The Groove Diggers – main stage

2.15pm Junior Farmer Speech Competition – main stage
2.45pm UHY Haines Norton Guess the Weight Competition – winner announced
3.00pm The Groove Diggers – main stage
3.15pm Indoor Exhibit Hall Closes
4.30pm Indoor Exhibit Hall – opens for collection of entries & prize money
Main stage closes

  Click here for a list of our 2017 Trade Exhibitors